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Welcome to our website!

I thought it would be nice to introduce myself to you, so that you the reader may get a better idea of who I am.

Harry ViezensMy wife Marcia and I have been married over 40 years now! I met her at a saddle shop while I was working on a ranch in Southern Colorado. Marcia is also a collector in her own right and is quite knowledgeable about firearms. She’s the one that talks on the phone with customers, as I’m hard of hearing, especially on the phone. I have a voice carryover phone for when I need to talk to our customers on the phone. You hear my voice but a computer operator types what you the caller says to me on the phone. It’s a little slow but it gets the job done.

On my website I want to offer for sale or trade nothing but nice, quality guns and accessories for my customers. I do not wish to deal in reproductions or firearms that are not original to what they should be. I will not deal with modern, recent manufactured guns. It’s not what I specialize in. There are plenty of dealers out there for that group of firearms. I’m a collector dealer only!

I’m backing up my buying experience with over fifty years of collecting and dealing in firearms. I also have a degree in gunsmithing at Trinidad State College. Sure comes in handy when evaluating firearms that may need work or repair! In the 1960’s I was a trap and skeet shooter for the Winchester shooting team. Right now I’m the local gun club overall trap and skeet champion, several years running now. Reloading, especially with obsolete or near obsolete ammunition, is sheer fun for me. The best part about reloading is shooting the results!

I’m a retired horseshoer and contractor. I really loved shoeing equines. Still miss the sights, smells and sound associated with that job. Right now, I’m the facilities officer and fire fighter for Water Wheel Fire And Medical. It’s a great job and very rewarding.

Marcia and I occasionally give lessons on how to start a collection by creating a game plan and creating goals to achieve the results desired by the collector.

We also do appraisals for estates and private individuals; single pieces or entire collections. My library and research books are pretty extensive. I try to keep up with current new books on subjects of interest to me and my business.

I hope this gives you the reader a glimpse of myself. I’m always willing to talk and help out collectors with their problems and help fellow collectors with building up their collections. Hope I can help you out sometime!

Happy Collecting!


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