Rare Factory Engraved Colt Model 1903 Hammerless With Case And Letter

$6595.00 SOLD

Factory Engraved Colt 1903 Hammerless With Case And Documents

Seller: Harry Viezens
Item Number: 1214
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This Colt was produced in 1910. The serial number of this Colt is 103105. The factory letter states that this Colt was shipped to Hartley Spabckhaver & Foy In New York, New York For Buenos Aires On May 12, 1911. The letter also states that this Colt was engraved. This Colt has what would be called "B" coverage engraving. This engraving is very hansomely done! The factory letter notes, that grips are not mentioned. The pearl grips on this pistol are of very high quality and fit this pistol correctly. These pearl grips are stunning! There is no cracks or chips. These grips are full size and not thin. The original bluing is of the high polish charcoal finish. The bluing would rate a 94% overall condition. There is a small area on the slide by the rear sight of some light frosting. That is the only issue on the bluing. The barrel is sharp and clean. There is no alterations or damage done to this Colt. The niter blued parts have strong color and are bright. The two magazines are original Colt two tone magazines. The leather Cased box inside label lists the dealer in Buenos Aires. Also included in the box is the spare magazine and Colt papers on pistol instructions. There is a very unusual 25 round box of ammunition by Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co. There are 14 original shells still in this box. The bottom of this box has the same label attached of the dealer in Buenos Aires! The quality of this leather box is of very high workmanship. It is very rare to have all of these items intact that came back from another Country with a firearm! This is a very historically important pistol with all this background documentation. This Colt has remained in very well cared for condition, and any one that looks at this pistol will certainly not be able to help themselves but to say"WOW"!

Curio&Relic  J.M.C. Consn. (10)  F. No. 337 -17

This Pistol shoots the standard 32 A.C.P. cartridge. It is not recommended to shoot this firearm due to it's rarity. Very few of these Colts were ever Engraved.

You can reach Harry or Marcia by phone at 928-468-0306 or by fax at 928-468-0307. You may also send an email to hlvfineguns@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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My wife Marcia has fine hearing on the phone and is quite knowledgeable about firearms and is very able to help you over the phone.

Thanks, Harry

Terms of Sale

Kaiser ordinance is doing business as Harry Viezens Fine Guns and Harry Viezens Fine Guns and Appraisals.

For simplification, these terms of sale apply to all business names used by Kaiser Ordinance, Inc. This document will use Kaiser Ordinance Inc. name to represent all aspects of names used by Kaiser Ordinance Inc. doing business as.

Our Terms of Sale

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If you, the Buyer, do wish to shoot this firearm, Kaiser Ordinance Inc. strongly insist that the firearm be inspected by a qualified gunsmith as to condition and ability to be fired safely. No guarantees or warranties are implied on a firearm sold by Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Buyer is responsible for any theft or unauthorized use of the firearm purchased from Kaiser Ordinance Inc.

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